Custom tattooing in progress

Just a few tattoos I’ve been working on at the moment. At times larger more complex work takes real time it never goes quick or easy it’s a matter of effort on both ends me and the client you must and should be just as passionate if not more then me to have the follow through it takes. In return I can put my all in to it .you would be surprised the amount of work over the years that is left unfinished for reasons beyond my control. You must really budget this into your life if it’s something you will be serious about. If your not at a point in your life to have the follow through you should wait even if you have the desire.Theres always something magical about a client who’s beyond ready they seem to use my energy to the positive and everything goes like a dream.Tampa FL has been a fun place to tattoo there’s been a lot of really fun requests .I enjoy knowing what people want and will gladly make that happen in my vision it may not be your vision but a better one for many reasons just for the fact tattooing has been my life!!! And the understanding that I must take it in my hands and make it the best for both us and the forward direction of Tabernacle tattoo

Dot work tattoo Tampa FL

Long over due for a post guys we’ve been super busy at the tattoo shop in Tampa. In case you may not see what style your looking for on site we are well studied in all styles!! And enjoy the challenge of everything big or small tattoos tattoos for men and tattoos for woman. Dot work ,Tribal,Mandala tattoos. Of course Japanese tattooing and traditional tattooing . the best way is to stop in to the shop and speak with us in person but don’t hesitate to shoot us an email through the contact form either .we are glad to assist in a positive direction for your one of a kind custom tattoo in the Tampa Bay Area.

Dot work tattoo
Black and grey tattoo of peaches and flowers
Dot work style tattoo for woman
Black and grey tattoo on females arm

Do you want to get to the next level

I have been getting closer on wrapping up a few projects this has one one more session left. I’m very grateful to have clients i do and the trust they give we started this project about six months ago. This can happen with proper follow through its a big investment that takes a lot on both ends. Ive been tattooing in Tampa fl for six years now and things have been great were having fun finishing tattoos and starting new ones. If you are interested in getting a custom tattoo done stop by the shop id love to meet you and speak in person about what we can do for you!!

Japanese tattoo of hell scroll tattoo on full torso

Custom tattoo designs

Drawings Drawings Drawing!!! its a part of every day life  as a tattooer. But can we start to loosen up the ideas and specifications and start relying on the aesthetics of design fundamentals to bring real life to tattooing and truly how we view and perceive it !! as much specific secondary details were looking for which can create akward design flaws at times. what we really should want is a intelligent aesthetic over all the major idea in general should support the meaning the design should justify the tattoo!! Whatever the case may be i want to get a little more open minded to design beyond the references of popular culture that are usually brought to me. I have many ideas on all styles of tattooing i would like to see a new view on tattooing theres so much that can be done if we loosen up a bit.

Japanese sleeve tattoo design of cherry blossoms and windbars

This tattoo design was a study for a clients Japanese sleeve tattoo of wind and cherry blossoms done in ink and watercolors. with time permitting and seriousness of a client we try to do at least a simple rendering of a final give more of a visual perceptive of the concept.

Wizard tattoo design

Rainbow wizard action with vortex of space and apocalyptic smoke of the future tattoo design
Rainbow wizard action with vortex of space and apocalyptic smoke of the future tattoo design
Pen and ink illustration for Tabernacle tattoo merch
Pen and ink illustration for Tabernacle
tattoo merch . Sometimes its fun to see how much impact i can achieve with pen and ink its very direct and translates well in to tattooing. With all the shortcuts in art today it a no fake it until you make it process either you can draw or not! The illustration process is at this point in tattooing is going to be the most valid with half breed tracers at best .Who do not seem to understand balance of composition or backgrounds at all. I really enjoy a natural fluent background with an organic feel as if you were born with these tattoos no matter what the subject may be its exciting and easy on the eyes .

Scott Fisher of Legacy Tattoo in Brandon Fl

Brandon Florida tattoo artist Scott Fischer formerly of Legacy tattoo is currently working in Historic Ybor city at Tabernacle tattoo. He’s here to facilitate your tattoo needs. Please call/ E-mail or just stop in the shop !!! if you are interested in getting tattooed.He’s here to WIN!!!!

Space lettering that gets you to the next zone
Space lettering that gets you to the next zone
Wild shark week party tattoo on males lower leg
Wild shark week party tattoo on males lower leg
memento Mori tattoo on females lower leg in color and black and grey
memento Mori tattoo on females lower leg in color and black and grey

nordic dragon

Fun tribal dragon on great client we will call it a nordic dragon.Any and all styles will be executed with thought and integrity. Powerful tattoos that are built to last are what we make !!

Skull and Water

There’s a lot of colorful ink work I have done, but doing black and grey tattoos can be just as visually appealing too. This guy right here is a skull popping out of some finger waves and wind bars with stars in his eyes. Why? Because he’s probably a reaper looking into the future, past and present or maybe just staring into the abyss of your soul. Again, smaller tattoos are always a blast to work on and create depth within them.