Best tattoo shop in the Tampa Bay Area

Tabernacle tattoo is located in Historical Ybor city and has been a staple in the Tampa bay community for 10+ years.

We work in many styles of tattooing including Traditional, Tribal, Blackwork, Minimalist, lettering and more.

  • Body suit tattoo
  • Japanese sleeve tattoos
  • Japanese hell scroll tattoo
  • Tiger half sleeve tattoo
  • Female front tattoo
  • Japanese tattooing Florida
  • Japanese fox tattoo| Tattoos for females
  • Hannya Tattoo| Dragon Tattoo| Hannya Sleeve| Japanese Tattoo Artist
  • Half sleeve traditional japanese color tattoo demon fire samurai oni blood katana sword

Professional tattoo shop in Tampa

Here at Tabernacle tattoo, we pride ourselves on being the premiere tattoo shop serving the Tampa/St Pete area for almost a decade. Our experienced and skillful artists go the distance to make sure our clients get the most out of their tattoo and experience. If you’re looking for a stunning and bulletproof tattoo in Tampa, look no further.

With over 20 years of experience, our artists can tackle any tattoo style or design with efficiency and care to give you the tattoo of your dreams. We can do Japanese style tattoos, tribal tattoos, traditional tattoos, blackwork tattoos, floral tattoos, minimalist tattoos, lettering, fine lined tattoos, and more. Whether you want a Japanese dragon sleeve or a simple small rose, we approach all tattoos with excitement and gratitude.

We go above and beyond to create dynamic and unique illustrations that will stand the test of time. From color to black and grey, our tattoo artists have the knowledge to make sure your tattoo is going to look amazing forever. We use high quality pigments and materials to ensure a great product every time. Additionally, we pride ourselves on having a comfortable and fun atmosphere so that everyone feels safe and taken care of.

Our dedication to professionalism, cleanliness, and art make us stand out in the tattoo industry and has earned us the title as the best tattoo shop in Tampa. We hope you choose Tabernacle tattoo for your next ink adventure and we look forward to creating your dream tattoo. For more work from our artists, please follow us on instagram and Facebook. Also, for more information on tattoos and the shop, check out our blog.