Introducing our female tattoo artist: Kristen Navarro

Kristen was born right here in Tampa to two Puerto Rican parents. Drawing since she could remember, she was heavily influenced by horror imagery, heavy metal, and latino culture. While pursuing her artistic dreams, she attended Blake High-school of the Arts, where she gained skills in ceramics, metal smithing, and film photography. After High-school, Kristen found herself at Tabernacle Tattoo. She fell in love with tattoo art and culture and made it her sole mission to get as good she can possibly can to insure an extraordinary service that is lacking nowadays in modern times and become the best female tattoo artist out there.

Tattoos, walk ins, and price minimum

Kristen is available for Appointments and walk ins during shop hours, Tuesday through Saturday 11-8. She likes to tattoo minimalist, black and gray, linework, and everything in between. Her tattoo minimum cost is 80 dollars. She loves to make people smile and will give her all to make sure you leave happy and confident with a bulletproof and stunning tattoo. Call the shop at 813-248-3223 , shoot an email at, or just walk in to get tattooed by her ! Check out her instagram as well to keep up to date on new art and designs. Keep up to date on our blog as well to stay uodated on any new knews at the shop!