FAQ’s, process, and tattoo aftercare

Q.  What are the shop hours?

A.  We are open five days a week from 11am-8pm Tuesday-Saturday

Q.  Do you do piercings?

A.  No, we only specialize in tattoos.

Q.  Do you take walk-ins?
A. Yes, we accept walk-ins every day. Call the shop or walk in to check availability of artists.

Q.  Can I book an appointment over the phone?
A.  No. In order to book an appointment, you will need to come by the shop and leave a $100 deposit.

Q.  How can I get a price estimate?
A.  We cannot give price estimates over the phone. There are many different factors that go into pricing a tattoo. For example, we need to consider size, detail, placement on the body, color or black and grey. We also need to consider how much drawing will need to be done for the tattoo.

The best way to get a price quote is to book a free consultation with the tattoo artist you would like to work with. You can do this by calling the shop, or by going to the contact page and sending an email

Q.  Is my deposit refundable?

A.  No. All deposits are non-refundable. The deposit holds your appointment time and comes off of the price of the final session of your tattoo. It also goes toward any research and drawing for your tattoo. If you absolutely need to reschedule your appointment, we require 48 hours notice in order for you to move your deposit to a new appointment date.

We can reschedule your appointment one time. After that, you forfeit your deposit and will need a new one to make another appointment. This may seem a little harsh, but getting a tattoo is a time-consuming process (especially for a larger tattoo). We simply want to make sure you are fully committed before we spend time on research and drawing for your tattoo.

Q.  What is the wait time for an appointment?
A.  Different tattooists have different wait times. If you would like to know a certain tattooist’s wait, please call the shop. We would be glad to let you know his/her schedule.

Q.  Can I get a tattoo if I am underage and I have my parent’s permission?

A.  No. The state of Florida requires you to be 18 years of age and have proper (government-issued) identification to get a tattoo.


Choosing Your Tattooist

Once you have decided on what you would like to get tattooed, it’s time to choose a tattooist you would like to work with. While we may be able to point you in the right direction, the decision should ultimately be yours. To help you decide, we have artist portfolios both in the shop and online. Look  for someone whose style you really like and move on to the next step.

Setting Up a Consultation

Now that you’ve chosen your tattooist, it’s time to set up a consultation. You can do this by calling, emailing or just stopping by the shop. The consultation is a scheduled time for you to come in and talk to the tattooist about exactly what you want to get tattooed. Bring any references you have with you to the consultation. You can also talk about things like detail, placement and pricing at this time.

Booking an Appointment

After the consultation, you will need a deposit to book the appointment for your tattoo. We take a $100 cash deposit for appointments that are just one session. For larger tattoos that require more than one session, we need a $200 deposit. For multiple session pieces, like full sleeves and back pieces, a $300 deposit is required. All deposits are non-refundable. They go towards any research and drawing your tattooist does in preparation for your tattoo. 

Getting a Price Quote

As we mentioned a little earlier, setting up a consultation is the best way to get a price estimate. There are many different factors that go into pricing a tattoo. For example, the tattooist needs to consider size, detail and placement, as well as if you want color or black and grey. This is why we do not give price quotes over the phone or through email. Even if you think your tattoo is very simple and you could just describe it over the phone, you will still need to come by for an estimate. The tattooist needs to see what you want, as well as where you want to put it, to determine how much it will cost.


If you should need to reschedule your appointment, you will need to give at least 48 hours notice in order to move your deposit to another date. We can only reschedule your appointment once. After that, you will need a new $100 deposit in order to keep your appointment. This may seem harsh, but getting a tattoo is a time-consuming process (especially for a larger tattoo). We want to make sure you are fully committed before we spend time researching and drawing for your tattoo.

Will it Hurt?

Yes, pain will always be a factor when you get tattooed. Some spots on the body are more sensitive than others. If this is your first tattoo, you really have nothing to compare it to. The most important thing is to relax. The following steps will help you get prepared for getting in the chair.


Eat Something!

This is probably the most important preparation you can do. Eating helps you relax and get comfortable for the tattoo. If you are sitting for a longer appointment, you may want to bring a small snack with you. Eating also helps to keep your blood sugar normal. Low blood pressure can contribute to a risk of passing out, so eat up! Just don’t drink up. You may think that getting drunk will give you “liquid courage” to get tattooed, but we cannot legally tattoo you if you are under the influence. Permanent choices are better made when sober.

Get Some Rest

Being well rested will also help keep you comfortable for your tattoo. You may be more irritable or find it harder to sit still if you are tired. Plan ahead so you are rested (and on time) for your appointment! 

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Wear something that allows easy access to the part of the body you want to get tattooed. For example, if you are getting your leg tattooed, you may want to bring a pair of shorts to change into when you get to the shop. 

No Sunburns

You will want to stay out of the sun before and after you get tattooed. Tattooing over a sunburn may not heal well because your skin is irritated to begin with. Try to stay out of the sun and it will help the outcome of your tattoo.



Tattoo shops are not good places to bring children. There will most likely be some adult-themed conversations or music that most parents would not want their children to hear. We cannot allow children under the age of 18 into the back of the shop, so you are better off not bringing your kids with you.

Sit Still and Relax

If this is your first tattoo, your tattooist will most likely do a small line first so you can assess how the tattoo will feel. He/she will probably check in with you during the entire process to see how you are feeling. Be honest, and let him/her know if you need a break. It is also very important that you sit still, speaking with your mouth and not your entire body. Just relax and let the tattoo happen. If you fight what is happening, or hold your breath, you will only make the pain worse. Relax and breathe, and you will help your tattoo be the best it can be!


Payment and Tipping

We are a cash only shop. Should you need to go to an ATM, there are several close to us. If you are happy with your tattoo, it is customary to tip. Tipping is a sign of gratitude, and it is most welcome.

Taking Care of Your Tattoo

Your tattooist will give you all the information you need to take proper care of your new tattoo. The most important thing to remember is to keep your tattoo clean and don’t pick at it. Your new tattoo will inevitably be itchy, but resist the urge to scratch. Pulling off the skin prematurely could cause the ink to fall out of your tattoo or may even cause scarring. No swimming or soaking your tattoo until it is fully healed. Healing time is different for everyone. It will usually takes 2-3 weeks to heal completely. If you have any questions during the healing process, please feel free to call the shop.

Spread the Word!

If you followed all of the steps we have mentioned, you are probably pretty happy with your new tattoo. Now it’s time to spread the word! Take some business cards, pins and stickers (or buy a shirt!). We hope to see you for your next tattoo!


The next part is up to you. A large part of how your new tattoo will look after it heals is in your hands! Here are your suggested instructions on how to properly care for your new tattoo and some additional pointers to make sure you have a successful, easy and comfortable healing period.
If you have any questions please call us!

Leave bandage on for a minimum of 3 hours. After removing the bandage, clean the tattoo gently with unscented soap and warm water. Rinse well and pat dry with paper towel. Do not re-bandage.

After washing the tattoo apply a VERY THIN layer of unscented lotion Repeat this step 2-3 times a day for 2weeks.Use daily until the tattoo is healed. It will take 2-4 weeks until it is fully healed.

During the healing process your tattoo will peel and flake, this is normal. It will also become very itchy. DO NOT scratch it! If it scabs, allow them to flake off naturally.

NO sun, Swimming, SCRATCHING or SOAKING the tattoo for at least 2 weeks.

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Always use sunblock on healed tattoos!