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Tabernacle tattoo is the home of award winning tattoo artist Zenon, one of the best Tampa tattoo artist around. Zenon started tattooing in Orlando fl in 2000 and has since traveled the states and the world in search of the fine craft of tattooing. After leaving Orlando, Zenon went to work at Ancient Art in VA beach for the great Jd Crowe to dial in his craft at a busy walk-in street style tattoo studio.

After three years and wanting to grow, he moved on to Charleston SC. He had worked with various tattoo artists, until meeting Jeff cribb of Hero tattoo and things started to click. Development of tattoo designs started to take place all over again. This lead Zenon to open Element studios in Winston Salem, which was a great tattoo shop and amazing experience.

During that time he met Clay Decker, the original owner of True Tattoo in Hollywood CA. Clay had done guest spots there on a yearly basis between many conventions, including tried and true imperial arts villan arts, love hate tattoo in Ireland, inksmith and Rogers tattoo, little joes Primrose tattoo, blue devil tattoo (when it was owned by Adam Dorst), black cat tattoo in Hawaii, and the list goes on.

The beginning of Tabernacle tattoo

Zenon then moved back to Tampa to open Tabernacle Tattoo in historic Ybor city. He liked that tampa is an energetic and eclectic city to be in as a tattoo artist. He relentlessly held artistic studies, doing countless hours of research to bring you the best service of tattooing one can obtain.

Zenon is diverse in many styles of tattooing, and is most heavily influenced by Japanese tattooing and traditional tattooing. His number one objective is to make a readable, long lasting, and exciting tattoo that will last forever and will be enjoyed for years to come. Beyond tattooing, Zenon is an avid painter and illustrator with a creative mind who truly earns his title of the best tampa tattoo artist. To keep up to date on Zenon’s work and tattoos, give him a follow on instagram, Facebook, or visit our blog to keep up to date on shop news.

Body suit tattoo
Traditional devil tattoo
Samurai skull helmet clouds black and grey shoulder tattoo
Japanese Hannya Mask
Dragon half sleeve tattoo