Reapers In The World: History, Symbolism, And Tattoo Designs

From Billy and Mandy to renaissance paintings, grim reapers have been a staple of art and culture for hundreds of years. Iconic, dark, and mysterious, these clothed figures have a deep history and lore in many facets of culture. Let’s take a deeper look at grim reapers in the tattoo world and their tattoo designs.

History in Culture

One of the first mentions of the grim reaper come from The Book of Revelations, a Christian Biblical text. He is said to be the fourth horsemen of the apocalypse, Death. He is depicted riding a pale white horse and carrying a scythe. While this negative view of him is quite popular, other cultures and religions had a more positive interpretation of the grim reaper.nFor example, In Roman mythology, the grim reaper is known as the collector of souls and was actually a sign of good luck. Additionally, He is said to appear at your death bed and use his scythe to separate the soul from the body. Then, he shows the soul to its final resting place.


The most popular interpretation of the grim reaper is death. However, some other popular meanings include luck, inevitably, pessimism, evil, and the circle of life.

Grim reapers in the tattoo world and tattoo designs

Summing up, the grim reaper is a very versatile image that can be a stand alone or be accentuated with many different elements. He is mostly portrayed as a skeleton or emaciated figure wearing a long black robe with the hands and skull peaking through, holding a large scythe. Popular add ons to the reaper are whips, horses, flames, smoke, ravens, chains, skulls, and women. Reaper tattoos are usually done in black and gray or dark tones. However, color can be added to create a more bright and lively tattoo.

In conclusion, Reapers are a bold and powerful image with many different meanings and symbolism, making it a tattoo that can be adapted to any person or personality. Consider getting a reaper tattoo and contact us for your next tattoo. Additionally, visit this article or follow our blog for more tattoo related information. Thank you!

Reaper skull tattoo
Reaper tattoo made by Zenon Pawelski