$60-160 Tattoos Limited deal at our Tampa tattoo shop

Exciting things are happening at Tabernacle Tattoo! Now until the end of the year, Kristen and Zenon will be doing 60-160 dollar tattoos! Pricing will be based on a circle template system. We will have various circles in varying sizes ranging from 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, and 160 dollars, and the circle that your tattoo designs fits in is the price! It can be any design of your choosing (restrictions apply to certain designs) or we have plenty of pre drawn designs as well if you’re unsure. Placement is arms and legs only, with a 15% up-charge for other body parts. We are so so excited to be doing this and to get you guys tattooed! Take advantage of this very limited deal while it lasts! See you soon!

Resident artist Kristen Navarro explaining what we are offering