Cool Video of a Tough Dragon Tattoo Rendering (Must Watch)

I wanted to have some fun today and just discuss the hits.  This is a classic image of a Dragon done here at Tabernacle Tattoo. This was a fun one and now you can see the process in a time laps.  We study the materials and put in the work to make a proper tattoo here at the shop.  Theres only one way to generate consistent material as long as we have and that is to study and put in the work to make it HOT!!! As classic and fun as this image is, we are not limited to Japanese tattoos we offer an extremely wide variety of tattoo styles and concepts for our clients.  This study is part of the usual process that goes into each and every custom tattoo here at the tattoo shop.  The finer details and tricks are extremely important to a quality final product which is both beneficial to the client and the tattooer. Come by the shop and check out the magic, you know where to find us in the heart of Historic Ybor City in Tampa Florida.

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The Eagle Reaper

Don’t fear the Reaper, especially if he’s got the wings of an Eagle. He’s busting out of the fire and brimstone, soaring to new heights of freedom and, yes, Death. Death could be considered the ultimate Freedom. This creature here was designed with basically just ink, water color paper and a hefty imagination. Definitely a great study for a tattoo concept or at least to get the brain juices flowing if you’re into skulls, eagles, death and explosions!

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