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Japanese hell scroll tattoo

The Hell Scrolls Research Project

Kyosai was an artist in Japanese history born in 1831, his artwork has influenced tattooing and many aspects of Japanese traditional tattoos specifically.  He is most well know for his eccentrically crafted paintings.  His talents were renowned throughout Japan during his most prominent days especially as a satirist, targeting the Japanese police force and other…

Space Ship Tattoo| Space Shuttle| Astronaut Tattoo

Tampa tattoo shop near me

It is always interesting to meet the new faces and to see the new people that come to our tattoo shop tucked away in Historic Ybor City.  Tampa has a rich history of tattoos and culture as well as many great artists in one area but we feel like there is some magic in this…

devil skull design tattoo art| Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas

We want to start of by thanking all of our clients, friends, families and everyone in between for bringing in the best tattoo ideas and reference for us to explore and research.  It has been such an adventure and pleasure to serve Tampa, FL and beyond. We are also lucky to be located near a…

The Great Wave of Kanagawa| Hokusai| Great wave tattoo| Kanagawa tattoo

Making Waves

We’re looking to change the game! You might be asking yourself, “what do they mean by change the game?” We want to change the game by conducting these incredible studies and educating individuals, clients, customers, friends, family etc on the process and research this craft of tattooing needs in order to successfully go into the…

Love Hate social club tattoo in Ireland

Ireland adventure at love hate social club

Im really finally getting the opportunity to reflect on some of the things I am truly grateful for, we have been busy at the tattoo shop and for that and our excellent clients Im truly happy.  Tampa has been keeping us busy proving awesome custom tattoos but sometimes its always nice to escape one reality…

Butterfly tattoo in black and grey dot work tattoo

Small Butterfly Tattoo

As much I love having big arm pieces, back pieces, leg pieces, body suits to do, doing small one shot tattoos are always a good time. Doesn’t have to be a butterfly or just in black and grey, but this cool guy right here is a perfect example of even though it looks tiny there’s…

Tampa tattoo shop

Snake vs Rose Battle

This is a water color painting study for a tattoo of this snake guy doing battle with a rose. Why? Probably jealous of the beauty of the flower. I call it The Battle of Tears. Either way, between the snake’s fangs or the roses’ thorns, some one is going to get pricked and cry. Also,…

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