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We have been hitting the circuit hard recently our travels have reunited us with old friends and introduced us to some new ones as well.  Traveling to conventions is always fun and full of neat experiences.  On our travels to the Villain Arts Philadelphia tattoo convention, the weekend of February 9th 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles had just won the Super Bowl and the city was a giant party.  There were so many people in town for the Championship parade which only added to the experiences at the convention and added quite a bit of diversity to the mix, which allowed us to educate people new to tattooing on our process and studies.  Many individuals at the convention were looking for Japanese and traditional tattoos which was really cool because we could talk about the classic imagery that has made tattooing last for centuries. As with many tattoo conventions many people come through with new ideas and concepts which gave us the opportunity to learn about the newest trends in tattooing.  This reinforces concepts in previous blogs, the world of custom tattooing is a forever evolving field and this tattoo convention gave us the opportunity to reach out to a new as well as experienced audience. Our tattoo adventure culminated in Philadelphia, but our journey included a few stops to visit with some great tattooers and friends.

We started our travels from Ybor city, FL and our first stop was to see our good friend Glen Collins of Broken Lantern tattoo in Charleston, SC.  Charleston is a beautiful town that always treats us well.  Next we stopped in to see a former coworker and now owner of Salt Water Tattoo in Virginia Beach, Mike Rickards.  We used to work together at Ancient Arts Tattoo owned by J.D. Crowe.  Finally, we met up with the illusive Mike Sikes of Eye Speak in Fairfax, VA to catch up for a little bit before heading into Philadelphia and our final destination.

Thank you for reading our post and please feel free to say Hi on the contacts page     if you have any questions or would like to discuss your next tattoo

-Tabernacle Tattoo

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Tampa tattoo shop

We here a Tabernacle Tattoo would like to thank you for looking and taking and interest. At the moment we don’t have as much content as usual; our website got hacked!! Oh well, I don’t have time to cry over spilt milk. As time permitting i will updated as much as possible. As a Tampa Tattoo studio we our focused on one off designs for the client we take walk ins when possible but work by appointment mostly. It is no questions asked to provide you with the best service one can obtain.with out putting any limits on your tattoo.We take the time to do the proper research in creating intelligent illustration and composure in a new level of tattooing with the client in mind.With that being said that takes time!! If the projects are smaller in size of course this will go quicker.Full backpieces full sleeves and torso tattoos the drawing time is one of the most important aspects of the process and at times depending on the subject the drawings can take as long as the tattooing these days with the standard that needs to be maintained.If you have an inquiry you can always send an email to the shop second to best is call the shop and the best way is to stop in if you live in the surrounding we can address all of the factors of your tattoo in the most personal manner possible at that point we will be able to get a feel for who you are produce a tattoo tailor fitted to you !

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