Imperial Art & Tattoo Festival Adventures

We recently attended the Imperial Art & Tattoo Festival in Jacksonville, FL and got to check out some awesome tattooers and their work.  Every booth was cool there was so much cool stuff I got so many shirts and stickers I had some left over for my homie WildBoy.

At the Imperial Art & Tattoo Festival we ran in to some friends Bart Andrews and Pepper Spicy of Unify Tattoo Co in St. Augustine Florida, and got to do a little tattooing while we were up there as well.  We also hung out with Angelo Miller and Eric Inksmith who studied under the lineage of Paul Rogers of the Famous Inksmith & Rogers Tattoo Studio all-in-all it was a great trip and always cool to hang with the titans.

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Making Waves

We’re looking to change the game! You might be asking yourself, “what do they mean by change the game?”

We want to change the game by conducting these incredible studies and educating individuals, clients, customers, friends, family etc on the process and research this craft of tattooing needs in order to successfully go into the future. Take the featured image “The Great Wave” by Hokusai, for example, this is easily the most recognized piece of Japanese artwork on the planet.  More specifically titled “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” depicts a large wave headed for Kanagawa, Japan.  The imagery makes for an incredible tattoo that will stand the test of time. Why is this piece of art still so relevant in the art world and tattooing? Some would say it is easily readable by the eye, it is aesthetically pleasing, there are a hundred reasons this piece of art is so incredible.  But how we see it here at the tattoo shop, Hokusai did his research, he dedicated his life to his craft, he was a ukiyo-e (wood block) painter almost since birth.  He drew many waves, essentially conducting studies the mechanics of the wave and his work paid off. He was one of the most popular artists in Japan during his peak years because of his incredible work ethic and dedication.

With that being said, this is our life! Tattooing is everything and it reflects in our work. Tampa Florida has many great tattooers and has always been a hot area for the hits! We are here to set ourselves apart to our clients because were here to win, make amazing, elegant, thoughtful tattoos and provide the best service possible. Check out our work we would love to meet you and discuss any ideas you may have!

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