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Yokai tattoo| Chōchin obake| Ghost Lantern

Imperial Art & Tattoo Festival Adventures

We recently attended the Imperial Art & Tattoo Festival in Jacksonville, FL and got to check out some awesome tattooers and their work.  Every booth was cool there was so much cool stuff I got so many shirts and stickers I had some left over for my homie WildBoy. At the Imperial Art & Tattoo…

The Great Wave of Kanagawa| Hokusai| Great wave tattoo| Kanagawa tattoo

Making Waves

We’re looking to change the game! You might be asking yourself, “what do they mean by change the game?” We want to change the game by conducting these incredible studies and educating individuals, clients, customers, friends, family etc on the process and research this craft of tattooing needs in order to successfully go into the…

Tabernacle tattoo