Snake and Hannya Japanese sleeve Tattoo

This is a tattoo that my client and I have just finished up not to long was about five sessions from start to finish about 15 hours in.I appreciate traditional Japanese tattooing subjects they make solid readable tattoos that work well with the body and are built to last. It’s a bit of a process even being skilled at it and having clients as serious as the tattoos they want helps tremendously! I’ve been super fortunate to take on this type of work as well as many other styles of tattooing as well in Tampa Florida.we normally start off with a consultation in person to see what we’re aiming for I’ll take a few photos of the individual and measurements to work out a few concepts and tattoo ideas for us to go over and discuss options.from there I’ll get the main drawings of the subjects and draw most of the backgrounds on for a tailored fit!if your interested in Japanese tattooing in the Tampa area or anywhere else for the matter make contact I’d we would love to meet you.

Snake and Hannya Japanese sleeve Tattoo, Tabernacle tattoo

Japanese tattoo in color with windbars and cherry blossoms

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