Hokusai Rediscovered; a miraculous discovery

Hokusai is one of the most revered and well known painters and print makers of all time, creating thousands of paintings, illustrations, and books over his 90 year life. You may be familiar with his most popular work “Under The Wave Off Kanagawa”, or more popular known as The Great Wave. While many of his works have been saved until this day, not all have been found. However, 103 illustrations from Hokusai’s unfinished book ”Great Picture Book of Everything” have resurfaced and are finally available to the public. they were last recorded to be in a private collection in France, before being purchased by the British museum in 2020 for the public to see and admire.

The illustrations that were found show Hokusai’s classic amazing brushwork and penmanship, showcasing cultural and political scenes as well as spiritual scenes and creatures, both real and fake. While “Great Picture Book of Everything” was never finished with no clear indication as to why, the rediscovery of these 103 illustrations shed light on the artists later years and is sure to titillate both Hokusai lovers old and new. for more information, please visit link below.


Hokusai great picture book of everything illustration
one of 103 illustrations found