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Ganesha tattoo design

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We here a Tabernacle Tattoo would like to thank you for looking and taking and interest. At the moment we don’t have as much content as usual; our website got hacked!! Oh well, I don’t have time to cry over spilt milk. As time permitting i will updated as much as possible. As a Tampa…

Body suit tattoo

Reaper Tattoo

Reapers! They come in many forms. This one has wings and lightning, so he’s a bit more electrifying than ever. If you take a moment to get in depth with this picture, you see an eye. He’s there to see the future, past and present. Death is a constant of the times, he keeps his…

Dragon tattoo for woman

Dragon on Female

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons! I love Dragons. Traditionally they are associated with bodies of water; ponds, lakes, rivers etc.. So Water Spirits or Gods, if you will. They have also been known to bring good luck and are seen as being very the very wisest of creatures. The tattoo shown here is of a Traditional Japanese…

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Mandala Tattoo

The Mandala spans back into Ancient Times. It’s origins can be found within the teachings of the Hindus and Tibetan Buddhist monks. The term Mandala is Sanskrit meaning “circle”. Throughout history these totems have signified the cycles of birth, the mysteries death and rebirth. The tattoo shown here has a very simplistic look at a…

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