Tattoo After Care and FAQ’s

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Tattoo Aftercare is an important part of the process, and we want you to have the best tattoo, you are afterall getting tattooed at the best tattoo shop in Tampa. Your tattoo should reflect that level of work.

Tattoo Aftercare

You should remove the bandage from the tattoo approximately 2-3 hours after it was put on. Then lather your hands with warm water and soap. Wash your tattoo with the hand, water and soap apparatus you have created. Ensure the blood and plasma have been removed completely from the area. Then rinse tattoo with warm to hot water which ever is more comfortable.  You many then choose to apply some ointments for healing, that option is up to you and your skin type. General unscented hand lotion or coconut oil is prefered to keep the skin moisturized and healthy.  Make sure to keep the tattoo clean as much as possible using the methods we have discussed.

Do not worry if your skin begins to scab or get crusty this is part of the healing process of your tattoo. Do NOT scratch or pick at the scabs they will heal on their own. Thank you for reading our tattoo post on tattoo aftercare.

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