Dragon on Female

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons! I love Dragons. Traditionally they are associated with bodies of water; ponds, lakes, rivers etc.. So Water Spirits or Gods, if you will. They have also been known to bring good luck and are seen as being very the very wisest of creatures. The tattoo shown here is of a Traditional Japanese Dragon being depicted with cherry blossoms and a bit of smoke with fire. A very colorful piece I did down the side of a female client. Again I am very thankful for the time and dedication it took to create this piece. It’s what we are about!

Mandala Tattoo

The Mandala spans back into Ancient Times. It’s origins can be found within the teachings of the Hindus and Tibetan Buddhist monks. The term Mandala is Sanskrit meaning “circle”. Throughout history these totems have signified the cycles of birth, the mysteries death and rebirth. The tattoo shown here has a very simplistic look at a first glance, but there are varying lines of complex and layered within it’s design.